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Our English course is an opportunity for you to improve English skills, have a chance to speak fluent English and develop professionally. But not only the employee benefits from this but a company equally benefits from having an employee with additional language capabilities in the areas that you need.



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We offer

  • learning English for corporate team building
  • take a one-year English language course
  • take an intensive Deep Dive into English course
  • online course
  • the possibility of self-education together with us.

our teachers

The teaching process involves 2-3 English specialists with different expertise who apply various approaches and methods to teaching grammar and vocabulary. And two foreigners (native speakers) for practicing speaking.

Our experience

We have been teaching English for IT specialists for more than 10 years and successfully worked with dozens IT firms which resulted in a well-established concept and the insight to what is required from us and how to meet the demands of your company staff.

Our advantages

  • We have been teaching English for IT for 10 years, so we know what topics are of interest and use for IT employees.
  • We have practiced teaching English for different companies, so we have an experience in preparing custom (tailor made) programs and flexible to change it on demand.
  • Own CRM system which helps check homework and monitor progress.
  • You will definitely have a lesson on the day it is scheduled ( there is no need to put off the class even if one teacher is ill or can`t conduct it)
  • Different teachers, different approaches, who/which will make the process more interesting.
  • Various areas of teacher expertise; there are teachers who can conduct excellent classes to students of upper-intermediate level and higher and those who are able to productively work with beginners.

our 6 main approaches to teaching English

Learning English for Corporate Team Building

As one of the approaches for improving your staff cohesiveness we suggest English classes for your employees Team Building.

We are sure all your workers are well selected and they do have sufficient knowledge of English. Thus, there is no need to teach them academic or general language skills. However, English activities could be useful for enhancing social relations, encouragement and consequently, employees retention. In spite of the fact, that all people have different hobbies and interests, the process of learning English is nearly the only one which is engaging for all IT specialists. Thus English classes are not imposing as some mandatory corporate activities. Besides, English comprehensions and skills require constant practice as they are easily lost. Let us clarify how we see the activities. Relying on our 10 years of experience, we can say that speaking activities are the most suitable for the purpose. We have a menu of different role-plays, English speaking club ideas, topics for debates, “battles” of opinions and teamwork activities (as you see this is not an academic approach to teaching). We encourage you to provide your employees with one more fringe benefit, to inspire them to work more efficiently in teams and be more dedicated to Your company goals!

English language courses for IT companies

As one of the approaches for improving your staff cohesiveness we suggest English classes for your employees Team Building.The English course is 
made for the employees of pre-intermediate level. 
They are supposed to increase their knowledge to 
upper-intermediate level during a year.

Every IT employee should possess English knowledge. The majority of them do have some English language skills. Our English courses can help your company staff maintain and improve the language knowledge they have. Moreover, we offer some professional topics to increase their vocabulary.There are two lessons a week, each lesson lasts 60-90 minutes and the course lasts 12 months, giving a total of 96-144 hours. There is one main lesson which contains grammatical and lexical material and the second one is for its practical implementation.Vocabulary is learnt at the classes and reinforced during a short everyday homework. We pay attention to all kinds of English language activities to improve listening and speaking skills at the classes but writing and reading skills are developed during the homework.The learning process includes a lot of practical exercises like making presentations, for example.At a practical class participants make dialogues, role play situations and take part in discussions, as the main objective of the course is to improve communication skills by giving confidence, and practicing fluency.The first part of the course includes general English topics. It is divided into units. Every unit consists of 4 lessons and a test to evaluate progress and motivate to learn more. The second part contains professional English topics to enrich professional vocabulary.

Intense course Deep Dive into English

Deep Dive into English is a unique intense course for people, who are willing to dedicate their efforts to master their English and observe impressive results in a short period of time.

Nowadays a successful business is impossible without international cooperation. Foreign customers, world-wide online and offline studying programmes, hackathons, business meetings. It means that knowing English is compulsory for every member of a team. Having accomplished this program, the participants will increase their English at least to the next level. We suggest conducting high-quality lessons which cover all the aspects of the language - speaking, writing, listening, grammar and pronunciation. The topics are connected with IT, relocation, work with customers, business, tourism and international issues. The course takes 3-6 months. The schedule is flexible and you may choose an appropriate variant for the team- 4-5 days per week and 1,5-3 hours a day. A system of a constant hometask checking and regular progress reviews provides a fast development of the students. As a result of the course we guarantee that the participants will be prepared for Skype and facetime meetings with foreign customers, business emailing, writing documentation in English and business trips or relocation abroad. At the end of the course the students can leave abroad for a 2 week studying course with accommodation provided. The price will be discussed. A success of the first intense course Deep Dive into English experience is proven by the graduates’ impressive results - 90% of participants increased their English and implemented it in personal and professional life - promotion, tourism, getting a dream job.

English online

Understanding the current needs of IT companies to arrange employee education and team building activities online, we are offering an approach to learn English by means of our online platform.

The opportunity includes 3 programs for practicing grammar and vocabulary skills for Beginners, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate level employees. Our online courses consist of exceptionally IT topics such as Meetings, Release, IT events, IT teams. Within our online English courses, we provide your employees access to our interactive online lessons supervised by our English teachers. At the completion of the course employees are supposed to do English Level Test and receive a certificate.

Books for self education

In addition, we have a library of our own books for learning professional English. They are dedicated to the most popular IT specializations such as Web Design, Project Management, QA, and Programmers.

Our English textbooks are convenient for both lessons with a corporate English teacher and self education of your employees within their area of expertise.

Testing English Level and Certification

All our courses involve English testing and certification. We also provide testing and certification as a separate service.

If you need to know your level or require a document that proves your proficiency in English for company assessment, relocation, study, CV, etc. we can help you in this regard.

review review

The course was recommended to me, well, now I will also recommend it to someone :) It was a multifaceted and interesting experience for the start of speaking, which gave me a push and confidence - that ok, it turns out that I can speak normally and I will be understood. It was the fact that they talked a lot, told stories, and discussed their thoughts, their points of view on certain topics or problems, that is, they did not focus on studying words. Although there were words, but "necessary" words, or rather useful phrases, in particular for IT.

It was a really cool experience. I never thought that learning English could be so interesting and exciting. Special thanks to every teacher. A very cool approach to learning a foreign language. I will recommend DDE to my friends and acquaintances.

Thanks to all organizers and teachers for the course! It was an interesting experience. Non-standard approaches, creative tasks, inspiring atmosphere - everything not to fixate on mistakes, but to reach the level fluently. Thanks a lot for your work. It was a professional, informative and perfect period!

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